A Forbidden Love in a Play of Lines

“At the root of every wall drawing by Soll Lewitt lies a
precisely formulated assignment”This “precisely formulated assignment” together with the wall
drawings #801 and #1183, and some of the other works in the museum, forms the
inspiration of our, especially for the occasion written, 20 minute, piece,
about chaos, order, love and lust.

This modern fairytale is set long before the world as we now
know existed. Then there was only chaos and the only order known in those times
were the lines drawn by the Linedrawner. “For the line that he draws especially
for you is the line you must walk for the rest of your life.” But what happens
if you want something that lies beyond the borders of your line?

Een speciaal voor de open dag van het Bonnefantenmuseum
geschreven toneelstuk over orde, chaos, liefde en lust geïnspireerd op het werk
van onder andere Soll LeWitt en Bruce Nauman.


Concept/Tekst/Regie: Jelle Stiphout

Spel: Rindert van den Eeckhout, Lena Meyskens, Yorick Stam, Jobbe Hoebbink, Moniek Vroomen, Anja Zok, Samuel A. Bom, Anky Stiphout & Jelle Stiphout

Vormgeving: Anky Stiphout & Jelle Stiphout 

Samenwerking met het Bonnefantenmuseum en
Studententoneelvereniging Alles is Drama.